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Thank You DK3 Dallas 2019 Players

A Letter from DK to All Participants of the DK3 Dallas 2019 event:

As I have returned home and continue to recharge my batteries for the future DK3 planned events, I can only be filled with gratitude for our tournament that went down last weekend at the University of Texas, Arlington. I look back and see many smiling and laughing faces. I also see the fire in everyone’s eye to bring the best game possible to the competition. Of 63 players entered, we had every player show up and honor their commitment. This was a first, which is so necessary to DK3’s unique style and play. So I thank you for being part of tournament and being on time both Saturday and Sunday. My heart is full knowing my team and myself gave everything possible to offer you a great time.

The schedule ran seamlessly. I want to thank Doug Graner and Jeremy Langley for their part of the draw and schedule which was critical.

58 games and all on time …Wow!!

As you may imagine this event takes a village of sponsors and support.PER4MAX upping their game on their 20th Anniversary to become the Presenting Sponsor was significant and will be even more impactful as we move forward together. Spinergy Wheels has been part of our awards for the past 16 years and is the Official Wheel of DK3. That’s how we roll! ABC Medical as a Bronze level sponsor has also been a dramatic part of our journey since the beginnings and allows DK3 to give prize money.Cecile’ Ebert Charitable Foundation and John and Ellen Yates have been and are key contributors to all DK3 events and has made it all possible through their generous hearts and trust me I could not do this without their support.

17 Veterans, 3 women, 3 players from Japan and 5 Gold Medalists graced DK3 with their presence last weekend!

Again, this is the largest 3v3 tournament of its kind in the world and you made this possible. There are serious talks going on with Japan to host a DK3 in Tokyo as early as 2020! 

They say, ‘If you your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough!"

We created a short survey asking for additional feedback from players. You will find the link below. Please take 2 minutes of your time to answer those questions to help me and my team to improve quality of the event next time.

Peace through Christ and Hoops


For more pictures, visit DK3 Gallery.

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