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3x3 wheelchair basketball by DK3


DK3 is an Invitational tournament. The beauty of it is that an invited player may get a chance to play with a Gold Medalist or a player of great talent that they would never get such an opportunity. In addition to that, all teams in this format, have a chance to win great prizes, including cash and quality product prizes.

How the format actually works:

  • Once invited as an individual, you are entered in a large list of all players. Traditionally wheelchair basketball 3 on 3 events where you enter teams are small in numbers and parity across the board is lacking. 

  • By entering as an individual player, you are placed in a draw by Dave Kiley himself along with his tournament director, both of whom know the players very well and factor in height, class, and ability.

  • The best players are drawn to individual teams and remaining players are drawn to one of those teams as evenly as possible.

DK3 Tournament Rules 

  1. Teams listed first on bracket wears white and the other team goes dark.

  2. Teams agree on shooter for outs to begin play… shot from agreed spot.

  3. Games are played to 15 by ones and must win by two or to 20 minutes whichever comes first. If 20 minutes expire, it's sudden death win by one.

  4. All baskets count as 1 point and 3 pointers are 2 points. 

  5. The game starts with a checked ball at 2-point arc any location just behind it. 

  6. Check ball situation: Start of game, a foul, out of bounds, or jump ball. When tie-up occurs ball goes to team with possession last and then alternates from that point. Jump ball goes to defense first then alternates.

  7. Alternating possession after a made basket.

  8. All Offensive Players must clear ball to the 3 point line after each possession i.e. made basket, dead ball, or a foul. You will call your own 3 seconds which is new to DK3. Be real no arguing. 

  9. You do not have to clear ball on an air ball or a steal.

  10. Players will call own fouls until the Semi-Finals where we will have officials.  3 on 3 is not tennis, it’s a rough game and little incidental calls should not be made. In Semi-Finals and Finals after 6 team fouls the opposing team player who was fouled will shoot 2 free throws for fouls 7, 8, and 9. After 10 team fouls penalty will be 2 free throws and the ball.  Intentional fouls will be one free throw and the ball.

  11. In Semi-Finals and Finals teams will play to 15, win by 2 or 20 minutes whichever comes first. Win by two if time expires (different than during pool play)

  12. Integrity, respect and honesty starts here. No profanity!  Any dispute that cannot be resolved, both teams will agree on a single shooter from free throw to determine. A make wins dispute, a miss loses the dispute. No arguing. If for any reason a dispute can’t be resolved the TD can be called to the court. This should not happen.

  13. In the case that a team may have a sub (rare) that team must work out a pattern that allows sub in game. Not likely.

  14. In the event of injury and a player cannot continue the tournament director will work to replace with the extra substitution if there is one. Or game by game find comparable player who agrees to play as the schedule allows.

  15. Winning team must report scores immediately to bracket manager, Jeremy. 

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