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The Wheel Print Podcast



It's all about the inside game of adaptive athletes, their inspiring journeys, what drives them, and what makes them tick. Listen to The Wheel Print Podcast brought to you by APM Medical Supplies on Apple Podcasts or Spotify or listen to it on the web*.
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#14- Ron Lykins- 4x Paralympic Gold Medal Winning Coach for Team USA & Head Coach of Mizzou Wheelchair Basketball

Ron Lykins.png

Ron Lykins is the winningest coach in the NWBA history. His wheel print on the game speaks for itself: 2x Paralympic Gold Medal Winning Coach with the USA Women in 2004 and 2008 and 2x Gold Medal Winning Coach with the USA Men wheelchair basketball in 2016 an 2020. Ron recently announced his retirement from the National Program. In this episode, Ron and DK talk about his early beginnings in the game, his time at the University of Kentucky, how he developed his coaching skills, his time with the USA women, and most recently the challenges he had to overcome due to the global pandemic as the USA men sought to defend their title in the postponed Tokyo 2020 Games in 2021. We invite you to give this episode a good listen to honor the man and the legacy of Coach Ron Lykins.

#12- Ryan Neiswender - Paralympic Gold Medalist, Keynote Speaker & Business Leader

Ryan Neiswender promo.png

You are not going to want to miss my conversation with the down to earth, Ryan Neiswender, Paralympic Gold medalist, Team Visa athlete and employee and keynote speaker. He tells his story of Tokyo Gold, faith, career, and family. It's the real deal!

#11- Doug Garner- Hall of Famer & Head Coach of the UTA Movin' Mavs

Doug Garner promo.jpg

Doug Garner is a man who knows a lot and has done a lot for so many. The problem is because Doug is so selfless, most only know the obvious. So much to this man and all he has accomplished for others and the University of Texas- Arlington. This episode will give you an inside look at the "Selfless" Doug Garner and his legacy to date at and through UTA.

#10- Dr. Darlene Hunter - 2x Paralympian, Gold Medalist, Women's Game Changer, Professor, and Disability Rights Activist

Darlene Hunter.png

In this episode I sat down with Dr. Darlene to discuss themes bigger than basketball. She's a Paralympic Gold Medalist going for another Gold in Tokyo later this summer, but Darlene's real '"wheel print" is beyond her medals. She's a distinguished professor at the University of Texas- Arlington, where she teaches Disability Rights and Inclusion to college students. She's an activist, an outspoken advocate for people with disabilities, NWBA Board Member, and a trailblazer for women in sports. Darlene was the recipient of the ESPNW Everyday Heroes Award in 2017. She was recently named Athlete Rep to USOPC for wheelchair basketball. She's also the founder of the first and only women's only wheelchair basketball summer camp to help train next generation of powerful women. Get your notepad and pen ready for this episode because Dr. Darlene is going to share her wisdom, intelligence and maturity with us. Enjoy The Wheel Print Podcast, brought to you by APM Medical Supplies.

#9- Currents of Change  - A Panel Discussion on Racism, Discrimination, and Disability

Copy of Black and Mustard Black Lives Matter Instagram Post (2).png

Today is Juneteenth. On this special day, we are publishing the recording of the Currents of Change webinar for the first time on The Wheel Print Podcast. , featuring some of the most recognizable names in our game. The Currents of Change webinar was held amidst the social unrest that our nation experienced upon the series of police killings of Black men and women: George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, only to name a few. Moderated by Hall of Famer, Lee Montgomery, in this episode you will hear personal and collective stories from African American wheelchair basketball players: Military Veteran Le'Toi Adams, with Paralympic Gold Medalist, Trevon Jenifer, Brian Bell, and Matt Scott.

#8- Matt Scott- US Paralympian, Tokyo Bound, Professional Wheelchair Basketball Player in Spain

matt scott promo.png

Matt Scott or as I like to call him, "The One," has "Golden Thoughts" for Tokyo 2021. He shares his life, the challenges he had to overcome, and mostly, his joy of being a basketball player with us in this Wheel Print Podcast episode. It's a treat! 

Follow Matt Scott on Social Media: 
IG: @mattscott_fly 
Twitter: @MattScott_Fly

#7- PER4MAX Wheelchair Founder & CEO, Willie Hernandez and CFO, Chris Kommer

per4max promo.png

We ALL love them...
We love what they stand for; admire the image they've created; respect the community they built; love how they make any wheelchair sport look really cool.
They are the makers of today's custom-made, badass wheelchairs.
But how much did we actually all know THE STORY behind the PER4MAX Wheelchairs?
What inspired Willie Hernandez and his co-founders to build the company back in the day? How they chose the name "PER4MAX?" What drives their success and makes them stay ahead of the competition?
I was honored to be joined by my dear friends, Willie and Chris in this episode of The Wheel Print Podcast. We covered so many topics and announced the winners of the DK IN MAY campaign in which DK3 was a proud partner.

Visit their website here.
Follow PER4MAX on social media:
IG: @per4max 
FB: @PER4MAXwheelchairs 

#6- Alana Jane Nichols - 3-time Paralympic Gold Medalist, Elite Adaptive Surfer, and Trailblazer Mama

Alana Jane Nichols .png

In this episode of The Wheel Print podcast, I talked to my dear friend, the one and only, Alana Jane Nichols. I nicknamed Alana, "SG "(Solid Gold), back in the day and it's for a reason:
She's a 3-time Paralympic Gold Medalist in wheelchair basketball, alpine skiing, and sprint kayak. She's also the ONLY female to win a Gold in both Winter and Summer Paralympic Games. Alana has been able to secure endorsements and partnerships with major global brands before anyone else dared to knock on their door. She has once again proven to us her leadership during her Presidency of the Women's Sports Foundation as a new mom during a global pandemic. You'll not only hear us talk about sunshine and trailblazing moments in Alana's life, but also about mortality and loss of life. She calls that "part of the human experience" in life.  Hope you enjoy the show! 

#5- Patrick Anderson - Canadian Paralympic Gold Medalist & Global Ambassador of the Game

pat anderson promo.png

Pat is arguably one of the best players in the world and his handles one of legend. In this episode of The Wheel Print podcast, we talked about Pat's introduction to wheelchair basketball,  his mentors who helped shape his identity, and the WHY behind the incredible video content he shares on his social media.   Hope you enjoy this episode on The Wheel Print podcast, available on Apple and Spotify!

#4- Rose Hollermann


A junior player standout, college national champion, Paralympic Gold Medalist and a paid professional in Spain! Accomplished all and she’s only 25 years old. Rose Hollermann shares insights and challenges on this brand new episode of the Wheel Print podcast with DK3.

#3- Trooper Johnson


Trooper is recognized as one of the best shooters of all time. Join us on this episode of the Wheel Print podcast to get to know the player, the coach, the husband, and the father, Trooper Johnson, one of my best friends for over three decades!

#2- Becca Murray


3-time Paralympian and Gold medalist, Becca Murray is arguably the best female wheelchair basketball shooter in the world. She is a quiet leader. "A Batman!" in her Coach's words. 
Join us as we unravel the story behind, Becca Murray. I hope you enjoy getting to know Becca Murray as much as I did. 

#1- Perry Price


We're honored to kick off our podcast with a special guest and a dear friend, Perry Price. A veteran, residing in San Diego, California, Perry is a very strong  wheelchair basketball player on the Wolfpack DI team. In this episode, we uncover the inside story of our friend. Perry's story has the power to touch on many people on so many levels. We hope that you enjoy this episode as much as we did recording it.

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