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Want to Participate in a DK3 event?


While DK3 will continue to maintain its "Invitational" status, we want to share the "Soul of the Game" with those with a strong background who have an interest in joining us. If you have never met Dave Kiley or the organizers in person before and don't expect an invitation, we encourage you to contact us.  Below, you can send a direct message to schedule a phone interview with DK. Rules of the game are available here.

Subject line should read "Last name, First name, DK3 Candidate."

Application deadline is 60 days prior to a DK3 event. 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

P.S.  if you have already been contacted by DK and received invitation, please go on our homepage to officially register on the event page. 


Send A Message to DK

Thanks for submitting!

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