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“Those wanting to watch me crumble before their eyes... are met with resilience, grit and a personal stamina that gives no quarter.”

Wheel Head tells the rousing story of David Kiley and the dramatic arc of adaptive sports over six decades. Full of novel, innovative characters and uncharted storylines, Wheel Head is a history lesson in exploration of disability and elite sport.

Drawing on Kiley’s various pioneering times and stories, writer Miles Thompson crafts a story of resilience, humor and gritty determination. The Kiley/Thompson team stay away from making Wheel Head a glorifying delve into everything David Kiley. The two instead are determined to tell Kiley’s story in the truth as they know it, and unearthed it.

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“Dave Kiley was, at a young age, hit hard by one of those proverbial ‘waves of life’ that left him with a broken spirit and a paralyzed body. But like any true surfer who finds himself caught inside by a big set, he never gave up, kept paddling and worked his way back to a position in the lineup. Student first, learning what he wanted from this life…he became a fierce warrior, fighting to not only overcome his injury but climbing to the top of his chosen sports. Now he is the teacher who has lived the lessons and shares the knowledge so that others can understand that the power of one’s own mind is a force to be reckoned with in any kind of adverse situation.”

– Gerry Lopez,
Trailblazing Big Wave Surfer–aka Mr. Pipeline, and Featured in the Film The Yin and Yang of Gerry Lopez

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