DK3 is proud to present the Special Mamba Collection of hats and beanies to honor Kobe and Gigi Bryant with special Lakers colors, purple and gold, and says "Mamba Forever! 8.24.2" on the back. The proceeds from this campaign will help fund young female athletes' participation in a wheelchair basketball summer camp in 2020. Hopefully many! We hope that you consider contributing to our cause and help us continue Mamba's dedication to women in sports. Mamba Forever! 8.24.2.

We accepting applications to be considered for the DK3 Mamba Scholarship. Jr. players wrote an essay on the following topic: 

"As a young wheelchair basketball player, how do you apply "Mamba Mentality" to your game?" 

Criteria: ​

Age: 11-17 
Gender: Female
Sport: wheelchair basketball 
Considering going to a summer camp this summer. 

Winners will be announced via social media on March 24th, 2020. 

Scroll down to check out all our products on sale below and click below to make a purchase and support our cause. 


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Purple Beanie_DK3 Mamba Forever!

Laker Purple DK3 Mamba beanie_back - 'Mamba Forever! 8.24.2'

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